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mycotoxins.info This webpage offers a scientific but concise overview on mycotoxin and mycotoxin related topics with useful information for researchers, animal husbandry and agricultural entrepreneurs or simply for mycotoxin-curious minds throughout the entire supply chain. Recently mycotoxin-related literature reviews are published regularly with the aim to provide a detailed review about a specific and current topic like e.g. synergistic effects of mycotoxins.

MTX Report
Every type of grain can be affected by mycotoxins. The toxins can accumulate in ...


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Surveying the Global Mycotoxin Threat
Check your mycotoxin risk[Infographic] This infographic provides a global view of mycotoxin occurrence and main trends using data from the most recent annual BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey. 

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Check your risk
Checklist for mycotoxicosis challenges

- in pigs,
- in poultry and
- in ruminants.

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